Lakefield Police Department

 Mission Statement:  "To Preserve and Promote Community through Education, Partnerships and Enforcement"

We strive to provide the finest law enforcement services available. The exchange of information is an essential ingredient to a successful partnership for the prevention of crime. By providing an opportunity to inform and enlighten the citizens of our community, we widen our partnerships and develop opportunities in keeping our commitment to improving the quality of life for the City of Lakefield.

Community members may need to contact the Lakefield Police Department (LPD) for various reasons: to get assistance in an emergency situation, to submit a crime tip, or perhaps to comment on Lakefield Police Department personnel that have provided exceptional service to them. This section includes information on the best ways to contact the LPD, depending on your particular situation.  


"To Preserve and Promote Community through Education, Partnerships and Enforcement..."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not included on the list please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. 

Meet the Chief

Pohlman brings 35 years of wide ranging, successful law enforcement experience, and 20 years of honorable U.S. military service, to his post as Lakefield’s Chief of Police. His strong advocacy on behalf of community policing, citizen involvement, and open communications underscores his commitment to protect the constitutional rights, human rights, personal safety, and quality of life of every Lakefield community member.