Programs & Policies


 Data Practices Policy

Lakefield has adopted the data practices policy January 7, 2019.  For a data request please review the document below for the procedures and forms needed.  Feel free to contact the City at 507-662-5457 if you have any questions.

 Sidewalk Reconstruction Program

The City of Lakefield has a sidewalk reconstruction program to assist you with the costs of public sidewalk replacement.  The program is a 60/40 cost split, with the city granting you 40% of the cost of your replacement project up to $800 per sidewalk, residential and $1,200 for commercial.  For additional details and an application for the program funds click the link below.

 Utility Bill Rebate Credit

If you have purchased a new appliance(s) for you home or business, click Bright Energy Solutions to find out if you are eligible for a utility bill rebate credit.